Embroidery Designs Galore

It’s been a busy “Snowbird” season and I have been busy teaching. It’s slowing down now and I plan to get back to finishing several blogs I stared last summer and fall.

Because I teach machine embroidery, I get a lot of questions about where to get good embroidery designs. There are A LOT of great places to buy embroidery designs, but the links I have on the blog are people I have done business with. I know they are reputable and the quality of designs is excellent. Most, also give free designs each month. Like EmbLibrary.com. They give you 2 free designs in all formats and sizes every month. They also have an amazing website with lots of tutorials, idea books, and THOUSANDS of beautiful designs that stitch out well.


Something else neat, most companies  have a place to look up past orders so that when the dreaded hard drive dies and you lose all the designs you downloaded, you can go back in and download all your orders again. It’s like having a back up to all your designs.

Another nice thing, these companies will also back up their designs if you have a problem. I had just such an incident (the first time ever in 10 years) when part of a design I purchased from Embroidery Designs.com was missing part of the design. On a Sunday I sent an email explaining my problem, hoping they will get back to me by Monday.  I got a return email within 30 minutes, with all new designs that worked great. Now that’s amazing customer service.

I just found a new company called Embroidery Panda.com. They have neat designs for every imaginable situation. Many of their designs are digitized as applique’ and full stitch out. That’s nice if you are putting the designs on different types of fabric. They have the most religious designs in one place I’ve ever seen. On top of that, they have designs for the Down Syndrome Society, Autism, and Breast Cancer, etc.  Check them out.mark-place-mats-2

If you want unusual designs with skulls and clock works as well as pretty roses, check out Urban Threads.com.  Their designs are neat and different. Right now they are showing their beautiful butterflies.

Most all the companies have sales from time to time. EmbLibrary has weekly sales that average $1.39 a design. Embroidery Panda just had 600 designs on sale for $.25 a design. (needless to say, I stocked up!) Dakota Designs.com have a lot of police,  fireman and medical designs and they have sales from time to time.

Of course you can always get beautiful designs from AnitaGoodesignOnline.com. They are now selling their designs online as well as at their shows. Sign up with them and you will get nice designs every few days that are $5 or $10 specials. You can buy their design packs online as well.

As you can see there are no limits to what you can buy now. The embroidery business, christmas-pot-holder-frontfor those of us that are home sewers, has blossomed immensely. The companies I talk about here are just a few of the great companies I buy designs from. Check out the Creative links to see the rest. If you sign up with all these companies, they will send you emails notifying you of their sales.

Be sure to follow the rules of proper stabilizing, thread and needle use. Then you too, can have wonderful embroidery on clothes, towels, baby & children’s items that look like you bought them at high end stores, but cost you a fraction of the price. Don’t forget you can dress up any design with a little “bling” like rhinestones, pearls, beads, ribbons, etc, etc, etc!  Be creative and go for it. You purchased those beautiful embroidery machines, now put them to work.

Until next time… Happy sewing!



Author: Sewing Scoupe

I'm a lady who has had a passion for sewing since I was a child. I love to quilt, to make sewing crafts and I LOVE to machine embroidery. Would love to hear from you about what you like to sew. Also hope to answer any questions you may have and would love suggestions for topics for my blog.

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