Something About Me!

molly-sm-head-shotI’m going to talk about a passion I have had since I was about 6 years old. It’s sewing. My family has always been performers in Show Business. I’m the 6th generation in my family to be performers. My Mother was a dancer and made all her own costumes. With the material she had left over, I would sew costumes for my dolls. I didn’t have baby dolls, oh no! I had dolls that looked like young ladies. I sewed these costumes by hand and did my best to make them look like my Mother’s dance costume.

Then we made a trip to California where my Mother danced in a movie called A Carnival in Mexico. We stayed at the home of a friend who had a day care. She also had A TREDDLE SEWING MACHINE!!! I talked her into teaching me to sew on it and my eyes were opened up to heaven. I could sew faster and better then by hand and that passion has stayed with me ever since.

Of course, when we got back to PA , I wanted my own sewing machine. My Grandmother featherweight sewing machine-tmbought me my first one. A cute little Singer Featherweight sewing machine and I was in love. That was in 1950 and guess what, I still have that little machine and it still works great. Oops, guess I’m giving up my age. Oh well! Add that to the 7 other machines I own and you can imagine what my house looks like!

As I grew up in my Mother’s dance studio, I kept on sewing and even added sewing clothes for my self. Later, I made costumes for my Mother and I when we performed as a song & dance duo called Molly & Me.

I can tell you more about that later. I’m not writing a book. Just a blog for now and my main focus is on sewing quilts, crafts and machine embroidery. I teach all these things at Expert Sewing Center in Port Charlotte, FL and I love it and my students. I also have a store on Etsy with a friend of mine. Ann and I sell the things we love to make. …elegant handmade and embroidered items… Our shop is called ALLTHISNTHAT. Check us out.

I have so much to share with you but this is to introduce myself to you and let you know that in future I will be passing on tips and fun information for anyone who likes to do machine embroidery, make quilts, or crafts. If you have a question, feel free to ask me. I hope to give advice on why an embroidery design puckers, or why my quilt isn’t hanging straight. There is so much we can get into and I will try to do it all with fun and maybe a little laughter.

Thanks for reading this and please make a note to follow me so you don’t miss any update.

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